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2010, Mercedes Benz Vito 111 CDI

2010, Mercedes Benz Vito 111 CDI


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254,500 km




This is an amazing campervan set-up for two people to live on the road! The car is big enough to live in comfortably on both sunny and rainy days, and it includes everything you need for your adventure.

This car is a Mercedes-Benz and is overall a very reliable and safe car. It is also small enough and handles easily so you can do a U-turn on most roads (even the skinny ones in Chile).

- Solar panels on the roof that charge a 100 amp hour solar battery. This runs two different sets of lighting, the fridge, stereo system in back, and two 220V outputs for charging larger electronics.
- Over 500 L storage under the bed/sofa.
- There is thermal insulation on the sides and in the ceiling
- New tires, November 2023 (243,000 km)
- New clutch, November 2023
- New car battery, November 2023 (solar battery is older) 🔋
- Rear suspension replaced March 2024 (250,000 km)
- Steering rack and steering fluid pump replaced March 2024 (250,000 km)
- Seals on motor checked, new oil filter, and oil change May 2024 (254,000 km)
- Timing belt is a chain so it lasts the life of the vehicle
- Brakes are in good condition
- Roadside gear 🛠️
- Revision Tecnica made April 2024, good until the end of April 2025
- Permiso de Circulación and SOAP (insurance) good until the end of March 2025
- Regular Oil changes about every 7,000 km

- Room for 2 people (also tall ones) I am 5’ 11” (1.80m) tall and fit great.
- Corner sofa that turns into double bed
- Nice mattresses that are firm and good to sleep on
- Led spotlights in the ceiling (run on solar battery)
- Pull down table for eating, making meals, and games
- Decoration: artificial plants, 3 pillows and light chains
- Linen curtains specially tailored for the car, natural linen color. Block out sunlight for sleeping.
- Specially tailored mattresses with sturdy dark gray covers.
- Sound system in the ceiling. Works with the car radio that has Bluetooth, so you can connect your phone. Runs on solar power.
- 2 x camping chairs
- 1 x steering lock with 2 keys
- Large underbed storage
- 1 x small cleaning brush

🛏️ Bedding
- Double bed
- 2 pillows + pillowcases
- 1 x sheet
- 1 x cover
- 160 cm x 200 cm duvet (down, warm)

Fully equipped kitchen that can be used from the back of the car or from the inside. Includes:
- Gas stove - 1 burner
- Recently Filled propane/gas tank (easy to change in any town)
- Small trekking stove that uses butane gas
- Refrigerator, Coleman 40L, that can be turned facing in or out depending on the weather. Also has on/off switch to conserve solar power if in rainy weather for several days.
- Sink with an “on demand” RV pump connected to a water tank. Runs on solar power.
- 20L water storage
- 5 Plates, 2 small bowls, 2 bigger bowls, 1 serving bowl, cutlery, glasses, wine glasses, mugs, cutting knives and boards, pans, pots, cooking tools, garlic press, scissors, Tupperware, cheese grater, garbage bin.
- 2 x tea towels for drying up
- 1 x hand towel for drying hands
- 4 x cleaning cloths
- 1 x bath towel for river/lake showers
- Storage rack on the roof
- Parrilla/grill for excellent asado in Argentina/Chile

It is set-up so you can cook inside or outside which can be a blessing when the weather is bad.

- Jump start kit
- Emergency triangle
- 2 sets of pliers
- Socket kit + 12 sockets
- Screwdrivers
- Fire extinguisher
- Spare screws and hinges
- Extra tank for diesel on the roof, 20 L
- 2 ton car jack
- Full size spare tire and tire iron

Inside (back/living space):
- Height (mm) 1800
- Width (mm) 1600
- Length (mm) 2400

Outside (full car):
- Height (mm) at highest point with solar panels etc. 2500
- Width (mm) 1850
- Length (mm) 5000
- Wheelbase (mm) 3200
- Diesel 75L + 20L jerry can (over 1000 km range)

Estado Mecanico

(provided by former owner) Used but in great condition.
All fluids checked and filled. No leaks of any fluids.
Engine oil seals recently replaced.
Oil changes and oil filter changes regularly.
No accidents.
Motor is reliable and strong - easily up to 130 km/hr.
Tires replaced less than 15.000 kms ago.
Inside recently painted.

Negative/broken things
- rear passenger side door doesn't have a hook to hold it open (Patagonia wind)
- crack on the passenger side of front windshield
- some dents and scratches on outside of car
- rear tail lights are cracked, still work fine

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2010, Mercedes Benz Vito 111 CDI




254,500 km





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