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  1. BLACKLISTED dealerships and sellers:

Tomas moro 640 (fake milage)  all dealerships from Cerrillos,   Dealership called : Automotora G&B, autosumit , 984099537 fake km dealer,  automotriz las condes, Automotora j&p, gentelmen toys GT, julio infante vitacura

Whitelist: te vendemos el auto,automotriz subterra,  automotora los dominicos,, Colvin & Colvin

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Chilean vehicle paperwork:

1) revision tecnica - has a specific date per vehicle,  needs to be renewed once a year at a place called PRT (google the nearest one)

2) Permiso de circulacion and SOAP - obligatory insurance and yearly road tax - both can be renewed in March at any municipality (google the nearest one or ask us) 

these documents are not necesarry for outside of chile and are not checked at borders, you can renew them when you return. 
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