How to Pay for a Vehicle bought in Chile (All Options)

Paying for a vehicle in Chile is not a very easy task, most ATMs are limited to 200,000 CLP a day and charge high fees.  international bank transfers takes ages to arrive, this makes buying a car more complicated and creates trust issues with local sellers.  Here we have gathered all the solutions we heard about through all the cars our clients bought:

First: consider bringing USD/EURO in cash with you (our recommended budget is 7,000-10,000 USD)

converting cash in Chile is probably the easiest, cheapest and fastest solution.   


Try this Scotia ATM,  might allow many withdrawals of 200,000 without high fees or any fees address:  Monjitas 860, Santiago, Región Metropolitana


Revolut -   prepaid credit card, can be used to take out large amounts from atms in chile. 

BICE Bank - might  have no commission and fees to some nationalities.  a chilian system to pay in credit card for cars.

Transferwise - great for bank transfers

Small world - works for some nationalities, good for getting cash with low rates. 


Western Union/AFEX:


Pros: fastest, cash that can be paid at the time of transfer (safer)

cons: The most expensive. Western union charges around 7% for each transfer and its limited for 5000$ for each transfer, walking around with cash is not safe, they don't always have all the cash in one place.


Bank transfer:


pros: You don't have to walk around with cash, less fees from western union, arrives directly to seller.


cons: very slow (3 - 10 days), need to wait for the money to show in the seller's account. Most of the time the seller will keep the car until the money shows in his account.

Many particular sellers won’t sell you the car this way




pros: Simple


cons: can be very slow as most people are limited for 200,000 a day, some atm's have high commissions (you should use banco internacional,banco security ,santander and scotiabank.   Do not use chilean banks


Alternative online money transfer services you should check out:    - small world - a service for getting cash cheap and easy but only works with some countries  - new service, no reviews yet


Pros: lower fees, easy transfer


Cons: you should check which service suits you best, can be slow sometimes.

If you buy from a car dealership they might accept Visa but they charge a percentage

If you buy from another foreigner you should do a direct bank transfer between your countries.

How to Cross Borders with a Chilean Vehicle in South America

Hi daniel. We hear that foreigners are no longer allowed to cross the border with a Chilean car. Because of a new law. Is that story correct?


Since August there's a new law for foreigners crossing to argentina with a vehicle (

Using our "Full Service" or Border crossing package it is possible to cross borders.

We provide our clients with all the necessary documents, a border list and a trip planning session.

During the first month after purchasing the vehicle you can only cross to Argentina.  

once you receive the padron (we send it) you can cross to any other country. 

* it is not possible to cross directly from Chile to Peru

* it is difficult to cross directly from chile to bolivia.

From Argentina it is possible to cross to any other country. 

How to Register a Foreign Smartphone in Chile

So you arrived to Chile, got a local sim card but it still doesn't work?

A new  law says that all foreign smartphones need to be registered with a foreign phone registering company. 


This is what you need to do:

Go to
Choose the option of:
Remota-ingresar solicitud de certificado
Fill up the form and send the following documents accordingly:
1. A picture of your Passport
2. PDI immigration paper (when you entered Chile they left it or stapled it in your passport) 
3. Digital IMEI- Screenshot with the IMEI number, you get that by calling *#06# , you will receive a barcode with numbers, screenshot that. 
4. Physical IMEI- Picture of the IMEI number engraved on the phone. ON iPhone it is engraved on the SIM card holder with android phones usually behind the battery

You will receive an activation email, open it and press the link they sent you. 

Your phone should be activated in 72 hours.



Good luck and may the force be with you (you will need it).

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