Servicio completo remoto


We will get you a RUT number


Dailly car options will be sent to you.

you will receive up to 3 car inspections and 3 plate number reports.  more car inspections and reports can be bought for 25,000 CLP (1 inspection and report)


We will buy the car in your behalf. (after around 1 month you will receive the padron).  you can either transfer money directly to the buyer or to our bank account so we will pay for the car.


The service includes 2 months of storage for the car.  if necessary ,more parking time can be bought for 75,000 CLP per month


You will be provided with our border crossing kit and a trip planning session once you arrive.


You will receive help and support for the whole time you own the car.


You will be prioritised when selling your car and receive discounts on our different programs.